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Akhareh Hafteh – Sep 13


Bijan Farhoodi started his career as a journalist with the Voice of America in April 1980. During the years of service at VOA he covered major international news events in sports, politics and economics have covered the Asian Games, Olympics and World Cup of soccer. He also conducted numerous interviews with both Iranian and non-Iranian news makers. Mr. Farhoodi was instrumental in founding Radio Farda in December 2002 and directed its Washington branch for the first year. Bijan adopted the name Farda which means tomorrow for this radio and it was accepted by the Broadcasting Board of Governors(BBG). Bijan was born in Tehran from a Kurdish father and Mashadi mother. He left Iran in mid-70’s to continue his education in the United States. Bijan is a graduate of George Mason University in Virginia with a degree in Business Administration. In addition to hosting two popular TV weekly shows ( 48 Hours) at VOA, he was one of the senior editors at the Persian Service. From July 2011 to October 2013 he worked as the correspondent for the Voice of America Persian TV in London and appeared in various programs of the network. Some of his reports can be viewed on www.youtube.com/voalondon Due to “budget cuts” the Service management cut off funding of his activities in London. Faced with this dilemma, Farhoodi had two options: return to Washington and continue working as a news editor or retirement from VOA. Since he did not want to continue working under the current management, he chose the second option. Despite leaving Voice of America long before actual retirement age, Bijan Farhoodi continues his career as a freelance journalist at the Bayan Media Network(www.bayanmedia.net) in London. Previously, he was the chief diplomatic correspondent at London Kayhan (www.kayhan.London)