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Akharin Lahzeh – Oct 17


Shahram Homayoun is an Iranian political dissident, political activist and the owner of “Channel one”, a Persian satellite TV station based in Los Angeles, California that broadcasts into Iran on a daily basis. Homayoun has established a Persian satellite TV network based in Los Angeles that broadcasts 24/7 into Iran. The TV channel, named “Channel One”. He has also started the Ma Hastim movement which, according to some analysts, has had a “significant influence on Iranian masses” as can be seen by the “numerous slogans” written on Iran’s city walls in its support. He organized alongside other political organizations daily demonstrations in Los Angeles during the 2009 Green Movement in Iran. His TV station and Ma Hastim were instrumental in keeping the Los Angeles demonstrations going strong those days and also provided the western media with all the news coming out of Iran during those days. Recently the Ma Hastim movement, funded by its supporters, built a symbolic cemetery in New York City containing symbolic graves and tombstones of Iranian dissidents and political activists, such as Neda Agha Soltan, killed by the Iranian government since 2009.