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Ali Javanmardi – Jan 13


The 2019 Iranian protests were a series of civil protests occurring in multiple cities across Iran, initially from the 300% increase in fuel prices but later extended to an outcry against the current regime in Iran and Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. The protests commenced in the evening of 15 November and within hours spread to 21 cities as videos of the protest began to circulate online. Images of the violent protests were shared on the internet with protests reaching international levels. Although the protests began as peaceful gatherings, government crackdowns prompted a revolt against the entire Iranian regime. According to a report by the human rights organization Amnesty International, the government used lethal force in cities across the country and that there have been at least 143 casualties from gunshots by its armed forces. In order to block the sharing of information regarding the protests and the deaths of hundreds of protesters on social media platforms, the government blocked the Internet nationwide, resulting in a near-total internet blackout of around six days. The Iranian government also reportedly confiscated the bodies of killed protesters in order to conceal the real extent of the suppression by the government. Based on Amnesty International and Radio Farda’s account, this series of protests could be the most violent and severe since the Iranian Revolution in 1979