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Sina Valiollah was born on October 17th, 1976 in Tehran. His parents were both artists and art lovers working as high ranking staff at the Ministry of Culture and Art and the Ministry of Power. His mother had studied Drama and His father had studied Printing and Publishing, not to mention that his father was also a very skilled Painter and Calligrapher. Sina was too eagerly interested in art since he was a child and his talents in particular in painting and drawing, caught his parents and teachers’ attention, so when he was asked by his teachers to work for his school’s newsletter he was greatly encouraged. As he grew older he became interested in cinema and TV and considering that his mother was a staff at the Ministry of Culture and Art he used to always participate in most of film festivals as well as the private screening of many various cinema movies. Finally at the age of 15 a friend of his father who was one of the most successful and distinguished Iranian directors and screen writers “Ahmad Behbahani” famous for his popular series such as “Sarkaar Ostovar”, “Talkho Shirin ”, “Madreseye Moosh-ha” and “Arayeshgahe Ziba” detected an interesting quality and capability in Sina’s voice and asked him to do a voice over for one of the minor characters on his latest series. From that point onwards he became even more determined to peruse a carrier in Media and knew that the only way forward for him would be to focus his efforts on obtaining a higher degree in this field. Sina tried very hard and 3 years later he started his course in graphic design at the “Islamic Azad University of Tehran” and as he was very eager to work, with the support of his family he managed to apply for a part time position at the Graphic Design Department of IRIB, however on the day of his job interview, his unique voice grabbed the interviewers’ attention and they offered him a position at the IRIB radio station as a presenter instead. With his unique talent and unbeatable passion for this field he managed to climb the ladder of success in the short period of a year which earned him a permanent position as a presenter for live programs performing 2 to 3 shows for both, daily morning and afternoon programs for 9 years. The popular programs such as “Sobh o Varzesh (the Morning and Sport show)”,”Tazeha (The Latest News) ”, “ Negahi be Matbooa’t (Press Review)” and “Shabaneh (The Nightly Show)” are among those which Sina worked on during his employment at IRIB. Although he was working but he never abandoned his University studies and graduated from Azad University of Arts in Graphic Design. After a few years working at Radio he expanded his skills by also hosting TV programs and managed to land a job at JameJam, performing weekly programs. Production and hosting special programs such as the “World Cup show”, “AFCAsian Cup”, “Uefa Champions Cup” and “Olympics” in the News and Sports channel at the IRIB are also among other activities that he’s done. Three years after his graduation he managed to receive a scholarship from IRIB to continue his studies at the Communication University of Tehran and obtained his masters in Communication and Journalism along with working at the IRIB. Sina Valiollah has been nominated three times as the best presenter for the “Televison and Radio Festival Awards” and won the awards in 2004. Apart from his TV and Radio works, Sina has been also active in advertisement and dub of various programs. Beinginvolved with script writing, directing and Narration of The Harry Potter Audiobook project with Rambod Javan which was produced by Beethoven Centre, is also amongst his other great accomplishments. In 2005 he was asked by PMC management to join them as a Host and Production Manager. During the 5 years working with them he produced many successful and popular programs such as, the “Box Office”, “Pyramid”, “PMC FM” and“Game and Tech”, in addition to that with the help of his old fried Farshid Manafi, Sina managed to get various popular programs such as “The Entertainment Channel”, “Punk’d” an “Pimp my ride” dubbed and air. He met his wife in 2008 on a Radio interview where she was invited as the “Cultural Psychologist” and the lecturer at The American International University in London as well as the author of “Karma Hotel”. With the launch of the first Iranian Entertainment Channel called Farsi1 towards the end of 2009, Sina Joined Moby Group in the management cadre of the channel. Despite his demanding role in Farsi1 he never gave up his interests and managed to obtain the rights of the production and broadcast of one of the world’s biggest TV game shows called “ Deal or No Deal” for the first time in Farsi, which was produced and hosted by himself. Attaining the official rights to broadcast, distinguished shows like ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show” and “The Dr.Oz Show” with the support and collaboration of Oprah and Dr.Oz themselves. Sina has also obtained the rights to produce and broadcast of the first Farsi Late Night Show for Iranians, called “Chandshanbeh ba Sina”. This program is produced and hosted by himself and is broadcasting weekly on Farsi1.