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Reza Parchizadeh – Sep 12


Reza Parchizadeh is a political theorist and analyst. His area of expertise is the Middle East, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Russia. Reza has contributed to a number of international publications and other media worldwide including Al-Ain, Al-Arabiya, Albawabh, the Algemeiner, Al-Hayat, Al-Wafd, American Center for Democracy, American Mideast Coalition for Democracy, American Thinker, Arab Center for Research & Studies, Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council, Baghdad Post, BBG Watch, Breitbart, Clarion Project, Christian Defence League, Daily Wire, Egypt Today, Eutopia (Institute of Ideas), Fair Observer, Foreign Policy Association, Foresight Studies on Islamist Movements Worldwide, Fox News, Gatestone Institute, Haaretz, Harbinger Asylum, Haym Salomon Center, Iran Editorial, Iran Focus, Iran Info 24, Iran Liberal, Israel Hayom, Jerusalem Online, Jewish Journal, Journal of Egypt, Kayhan Life, Kayhan London, Mackenzie Institute, Masrawy, Mena Watch, Middle East Forum, Mustajid, NewsMax, Policy Studies Organization, Popular Culture Review, Radio Free Europe, Radio Israel, Scofield Biblical Institute and Theological Seminary, Sputnik, Tablet Magazine, Tea Party, Tehran Review, The BBC, The Federalist Papers, The Hill, The John Bachelor Show, The Medialine, The Milli Chronicle, The Reference, The Saudi, Times of Israel, Voice of America (VOA), Washington Free Beacon, Washington Times, and YnetNews. On October 2, 2018, Reza defended his doctoral dissertation in English Literature and Criticism at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) under the title “The Recurring Progress of English Political Thought in Shakespeare’s Histories,” with multiple concentrations on political thought, history of ideas, philosophy of history, cultural studies and Shakespeare, and passed with distinction. Dissertation: https://knowledge.library.iup.edu/etd/1664/ Supervisors: Christopher R. Orchard, D.Phil., University of Oxford (Shakespeare Studies), David B. Downing, Ph.D., State University of New York (Theory & History), and Thomas Slater, Ph.D., Oklahoma State University (Film Studies)