Farda – May 20

Iran International is a Persian language television channel broadcast by satellite. It is licensed in the United Kingdom to Global Media Circulating Ltd as an editorial news service based in London. It was launched on 18 May 2017 and is managed by DMA Media Ltd, which has bureaus in Paris, Kabul and Washington. (1302)

Koocheh Reports – May 21

Sina Valiollah – May 20

Sina Valiollah was born on October 17th, 1976 in Tehran. His parents were both artists and art lovers working as high ranking staff at the Ministry of Culture and Art and the Ministry of Power. His mother had studied Drama and His father had studied Printing and Publishing, not to mention that his father was […]

Cheshmandaz – May 21

Last Page – May 20

Voice of America Persian News Network (VOA-PNN) is a governmental international broadcaster of the United States of America in Persian language. Its headquarter is in Washington D.C. It started to broadcast its programs on 18 October 1994 with a one-hour television program. Its radio programs started on 22 November 1979 with 30 minutes broadcasting per […]

Cheshmandaz – May 21