Artin Partovian – Sep 21
Radio Shemroon Persian broadcast online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Radio Shemroon Persian brings you the friendly voices of the community plus a wide range of music, including classical, contemporary, jazz and country. As a community station, They also have programs for ethnic communities of Canada, Aboriginal programs, religious programs, sport, local […]

Inbox – Sep 20

Mojtaba Vahedi – Sep 21
Mojtaba Vahedi is an Iranian reformist activist, journalist, and senior advisor to Mehdi Karroubi. He was editor-in-chief of reformist newspaper Aftab Yazd from 2000 until January 2010, when he resigned to keep the newspaper from being closed. (361)

24 – Sep 21

24 – Sep 21
Iran International is a Persian language news television channel headquartered in Washington, D.C. aimed at Iranian viewers, and broadcasting free-to-air by satellite. Iran International was established in May 2017 in London but moved its headquarters to Washington, D.C. in February 2023 due to increased threats from the Iranian government against Iran International’s UK-based journalists. It […]

Saraneh – Sep 19

Jamshid Chalangi – Sep 21
IraneFarda is an independent, 24-hour Persian language television station. Its offices and studios are in London, UK. Its American branch is in Los Angeles, US. Iranefarda is not affiliated with any political or government group. Iranefarda TV features political, economic and business world and local news, hourly news updates, current affairs opinion and analysis, and […]

Artin Partovian – Sep 21

BBC – Sep 21
BBC Persian is the Persian language broadcast station and subsidiary of BBC World Service which conveys the latest political, social, economical and sport news relevant to Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan, and the world. Its headquarters are in London, United Kingdom. (759)

Last Moment (P2) – Sep 21

Tablet – Sep 21
Masih Alinejad is an Iranian-American journalist, author, and women’s rights activist. Alinejad works as a presenter/producer at VOA Persian Service, a correspondent for Radio Farda, a frequent contributor for Manoto television, and a contributing editor for IranWire. Alinejad focuses on criticism of the status of human rights in Iran, especially women’s rights in Iran. Time […]

Jamshid Chalangi – Sep 21

Last Moment (P2) – Sep 21
Shahram Homayoun is an Iranian political protester, political dissident, and the proprietor of “Channel one,” a Persian adherent TV station based in Los Angeles, California that broadcasts into Iran every day. Shahram Homayoun fled Iran for the Joined together States in 1991. He was a checked man in Iran, since he bolstered vote based system […]

Koocheh Reports – Sep 20