Unika – Jan 22

Unika News is an independent media outlet focusing on Iran. We offer in-depth news coverage of Iran’s politics, economy, society, and culture, and spotlight prominent Iranians around the world. Unika News is proud to represent the next generation, working with passionate journalists and organizations who share our commitment to the truth and who strive to […]

Alireza Meybodi – Jan 18

Akharin Lahzeh – (P1) – Jan 22

Shahram Homayoun is an Iranian political dissident, political activist and the owner of “Channel one”, a Persian satellite TV station based in Los Angeles, California that broadcasts into Iran on a daily basis. Homayoun has established a Persian satellite TV network based in Los Angeles that broadcasts 24/7 into Iran. The TV channel, named “Channel […]

Alireza Meybodi – Jan 18

Last Page – Jan 22

Voice of America Persian News Network (VOA-PNN) is a governmental international broadcaster of the United States of America in Persian language. Its headquarter is in Washington D.C. It started to broadcast its programs on 18 October 1994 with a one-hour television program. Its radio programs started on 22 November 1979 with 30 minutes broadcasting per […]

Alireza Meybodi – Jan 18

Negah – Jan 22

IraneFarda is an independent, 24-hour Persian language television station. Its offices and studios are in London, UK. Its American branch is in Los Angeles, US. Iranefarda is not affiliated with any political or government group. Iranefarda TV features political, economic and business world and local news, hourly news updates, current affairs opinion and analysis, and […]

Upozit – Jan 17

Special program – Jan 22

The 2019 Iranian protests were a series of civil protests occurring in multiple cities across Iran, initially from the 300% increase in fuel prices but later extended to an outcry against the current regime in Iran and Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. The protests commenced in the evening of 15 November and within hours spread to […]

Alireza Meybodi – Dec 24

Bijan Farhoodi – Jan 22

Bijan Farhoudi began working with Voice of America in April 1980. During his years at the news organization, he has covered major international events in the sporting, political and economic arenas, including the Asian Games, olympics and world cups. He also conducted numerous interviews with international newsmaker figures. In December 2002, Mr. Farhoudi founded the […]

Alireza Meybodi – Jan 7


Ruhollah Zam was an Iranian lobbyist and writer. He was most popular for working a Telegram station named ‘Amadnews’, which he established in 2015. Zam played a prominent job in the 2017–2018 Iranian fights, to which he committed extraordinary inclusion at that point. In June 2020, an Iran court saw him as blameworthy of “defilement […]

Alireza Meybodi – Jan 19


Sadegh Zibakalam Mofrad is an Iranian scholarly, creator and intellectual depicted as reformist and neo-liberal. An alum of the University of Bradford, he is a teacher at University of Tehran and shows up regularly on worldwide media sources including the BBC News and Al Jazeera. His books “How Could We Become What We Are? ” […]

Shahram Homayoun – Aug 2018